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Brent O'Bannon Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Master CoachI’m Brent O’Bannon, and my superpower is personal strengths coaching.

The superpower I’m referring to is my very real talent for coaching people like you to achieve miraculous results by playing to your strengths and crowding out your weaknesses.

The specific result you want is entirely up to you.

Think of a big goal, say getting a promotion at work, landing a new client, or communicating better with your estranged children.

Now think bigger. Much bigger.

Let’s say you want to help children in Africa or market a one-of-a-kind new product. Or, maybe you want to find a way to transfer some of your wisdom and much of your wealth to your children without ruining them in the process. I can think of a hundred big dreams worthy of your effort.

So let me ask you, what is it you really want out of life? Because once you know that, I can coach you through a proven, step by step process guaranteed to achieve the results you want.

Personal Strengths Coaching Can Change Your Life

Don’t believe me?

Listen to what Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has to say about the value of coaching.


According to Schmidt, every famous athlete, performer, and executive he can think of has a coach who can watch these people in action and offer some much needed perspective. People like you and me, Schmidt says, are never good at seeing ourselves as others see us, thus we need insightful and ongoing feedback from a professional coach.

So just how valuable is a professional strengths coach in helping you reach your goals?

Before I go on, let me share a story that illustrates the power and effectiveness of personal coaching.

Chris Strategic StoryI met Chris at an executive workshop I was presenting. At the time he was the general manager of the family-run beverage distribution and delivery company.

As much as Chris loved the family business, his real passion was politics. In fact, in his mid-thirties he was a respected member of the Virginia House of Delegates, and later the state campaign co-chair for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

By the time Chris and I began coaching, he was ready to step away from the family business and consider a career as a political consultant, coach, and speaker.

Chris was also a natural Strategic thinker, a man born to sift through the clutter and see patterns where others saw only complexity.

Like everyone with a strong Strategic talent, Chris had a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. He had an uncanny ability to see around the next corner. I showed Chris how this rare insight was exactly what his future clients—up and coming political candidates—wanted most, a way to evaluate accurately the potential obstacles of a future campaign, initiative, or piece of legislation.

Our challenge was to match Chris’s unique strengths with his clients needs. We did that by narrowly redefining his ideal client. In doing so, we aligned his individual talents with a small but lucrative market, and in a matter of weeks, Chris engaged the first of many profitable clients.

Hire me as your personal coach and we’ll spend whatever time is required to uncover your unique patterns.

Next, I’ll teach you to become an expert at finding and applying and refining your strengths.

Whether you want to rebrand yourself, generate wealth as an entrepreneur, quadruple sales orders, or produce award winning documentaries, personal coaching can help you achieve your dreams faster and with less pain than any other method.

I often work with entrepreneurs who want some good old-fashioned objective feedback.

Rachael Activator StoryI recently coached a young entrepreneur, Rachael, who quit law school in favor of working for herself as a web designer and graphic artist. She had dreams of making enough money to travel and live internationally. After a couple of conversations, she admitted that her real dream, the one she’d hidden from just about everyone including herself, was to participate in some way with arts-based youth development programs in third world countries in Africa.

Rachael was a genuine Activator, a person impatient for action. Deep down she knew that only action was real.

And she fully understood that quiting law school to tramp across rural Africa sounded crazy to most people.

To an Activator, however, the notion was not only not crazy, it was the best way to grow, to expose herself to challenging experiences, to test her talents, and to learn firsthand about the plight of the world’s needy.

People with a strong Activator talent crave action, and it’s unlikely the long hours of study required of a law school student would have ever made her happy.

I taught Rachael that for her action is the best device for learning.

I suggested she follow a few simple steps. Decide, take action, look at the results, and learn in the process—a sequence that was uniquely suited to her strengths.

I also suggested she put herself out there. Go on, take that next step, whatever that was, because it was the only way to keep her thinking fresh and informed.

Rachael came to understand that she would be judged not by what she said, not by what she thought, but by what she got done. And far from frightening her, the notion of getting things done excited her.

After several months of preparation, Rachael accomplished her real dream by traveling to Africa for the first time and participating in a program to provide art supplies and teach art to poor kids in rural schools.

Rather than fix your weaknesses . . .

Rather than struggle with outdated personal habits or company procedures, rather than face the same challenges with the same set of tools, why not join me in learning a whole new way to approach life and business?

I enjoy coaching people to earn more money. Sure, but that’s not all.

I coach hard-driving executives on ways to slow down, enjoy life, and create richer bonds between other execs, family, and friends. I often coach entrepreneurs on ways to foster a lasting legacy, ways to instill meaning in their lives, and ways to give back to the world, all by playing to their talents and shunning their weaknesses. I coach owners of family businesses on ways to reach new levels of harmony and confident vulnerability.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

Just ask Mike.

Mike owned a successful family business. He had plenty of money, but lacked what mattered most: time to travel the world with a loving romantic partner, a healthy relationship with his kids, and any kind of deep-rooted spiritual faith.

Mike was a Maximizer at heart. Excellence, not average, was his only measure. After just a few months of coaching, Mike turned his life around. He radically improved his personal relationships, reconnected with his children, and grew stronger in his faith.

The kicker was that as Mike realigned his personal life, he invigorated his family business at the same time. He changed roles from the commanding business owner to more of a mentor for several key managers. In doing so, he put himself in a position to help these managers succeed. The outcome was a dramatic lift in sales and a much happier management team.

Still skeptical? Check out this short testimonial video and judge the results for yourself.

So let me ask you . . .

Why not learn a few simple principles that will allow you to change course, to move in a new direction with fewer hurdles, to achieve your dreams in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible?

Why not hire a professional strengths coach willing to share that journey with you?

Better question: Why not do it today? Right now, this very minute. Why not begin a new life of prosperity and hope and love, and let’s not forget money, this very moment?

I’ll bet you’re wondering about the cost?

If so, keep reading and find out.

My Fees:

  • The fee for my Personal Coaching is —$1,000 per month.

Congratulations. You’ve read all the way to the bottom of the page. Ready for my big call to action? Here it is:

Pick up the phone and give me a ring.

That’s all there is to it.

That’s all the sales pitch you get from me. You already know what you need and what you can afford. The question isn’t can I afford the fee. The real question is how much would you pay to transform your life, your career, or your organization?

Think about it.

Then after you thought about it, give me a shout and reap massive results with StrengthsFinderCoaching.

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P.S. In addition to personal coaching, I also offer intensive one-day coaching. If you are a high-powered executive or entrepreneur and want to start applying your strengths sooner rather than later, you may be interested in my VIP Intensive Day Coaching.

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