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“Innovate with Strengths.” 

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Let Me Be Your Guide

IMG_6478Hi, I’m Brent O’Bannon a Gallup Certified Executive Strengths Coach and Amazon #1 Best Selling author. I focus on helping successful people like you achieve a personal or professional breakthrough by playing to your strengths.

I specializes in maximizing, mobilizing, and monetizing strengths for entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, leadership teams, and multi-million dollar companies.

With over twenty years of coaching and speaking, here’s what I’ve learned.

Success in any endeavor requires a plan.

So here’s my plan in a nutshell, and yours, if you choose to attend the Breakthrough with Strengths one day mastermind.

Join me June 23rd, 2018 at Grayson Hall at Kelly Square in Sherman, Texas and let me show you how to Breakthrough With Strengths. 

June 23rd, 2018

Grayson Hall at Kelly Square
115 S. Travis St.
Sherman, TX 75090



(Strategies, Tools, Workbook, Best Practices)

Grow Stronger learning how to maximize your strengths.

  • Gain awareness of your team’s strengths
  • Create action items for your top 5 strengths
  • Master driving the right strength, at the right time, at the right speed


Work Smarter learning how to mobilize your strengths.

  • Create a vision and purpose statement with strengths
  • Aim your strengths in goal setting
  • Apply your strengths in career development

Live Richer learning how to monetize your strengths.

  • Applying strengths to your well-being
  • Expanding your money mindset
  • Selling yourself and product authentically

Talk of the town – Here’s what my clients are saying…


“Brent’s coaching has not only helped my life in relationship to work and family, but his principles in strengths-based performance and leadership have worked their way into our whole company.”
– Brandon Baca, Senior Partner at KEVO Properties

“Brent is an exceptional coach who has been a catalyst for our personal and professional growth. His coaching helped us understand and respect each others strengths and know how to apply them for exponential business growth.”
– Bryn Blais, Managing Partner, Living Loyalty

“Spending the day with Brent was enlightening and set our team up for a successful year. His skillful application of the StrengthsFinder assessment helped our team unlock it’s full potential by playing to individual and collective strengths. What’s more, managers gain valuable insight on how best to motivate their employees and align goals with their strengths.”
– Joe Clevland, Account Director at One North Interactive

So what’s next?

Sign up for my June 23rd, 2018 BREAKTHROUGH with STRENGTHS Live Intensive Mastermind.

My corporate clients like Microsoft happily pay me $20,000 for workshops like this.

But we’ve only just met, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me the first time.

I figure if I give you 1-day of my best strategies, there’s a good chance you’ll ask to work with me as your coach.

So your ticket to the Breakthrough with Strengths 1 day intensive mastermind is only $197 per person. (1st 5 people to sign up get a FREE StrengthsFinder Assessment Code) 

Bring a buddy or team to amplify and accelerate your results.

Why not attend with one of your buddies – such as your spouse, your business partner, your sales manager, a peer, or maybe even your son or daughter? Learn each others top 5 strengths, be accountability partners and help bring out the best in each other.

Leverage the Breakthrough with Strengths Intensive One day Mastermind as a professional development opportunity for your team.

(Limited seating for 20 people is available.) 

The Mastermind Day includes:
1. Full Day Masterminding with high achievers 9-5 PM
2. One hour of individual coaching after the Mastermind event with Brent ($400 Value)
3. Complimentary 1.5 hour gourmet Lunch prepared by Rhonda at the O’Bannon home
4. Q&A Session with Brent during lunch
5. Complimentary Mastermind Workbook

This hands-on event is great for entrepreneurs, business owners, couples, and any high potential leader.

Come. Learn. Implement.

If you love it, and want more, you’ll know where to come.

If you just want to take my strategies and don’t want to go any further, that’s cool too.

There’ll be no problems and no hard feelings.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up.

Seats to this training are limited to 20 people. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can’t.

* All coaching/training events/Mastermind/speaking programs paid or planned upfront are final. You may re-schedule and use the program within one year of purchase.

1 Epic day. And the clock’s ticking… (1st 5 people to sign up get a FREE StrengthsFinder Assessment Code) 

I know you. I know that you’ve achieved great things in life: personal growth, professional success, and more. Yet there are many breakthroughs on the horizon.