Discover Your Strengths introductory eBook by Brent O'BannonGet on the road to personal and professional success with Brent O’Bannon’s  Discover Your Strengths the easy-to-read introduction to the strengths movement, .

Brent is the first official Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in the world.

Brent’s groundbreaking strengths guide will help you grow stronger – work smarter – live richer!

Chapters include:

1) Unlocking Your Potential: This chapter helps you find your keys for success highlighting the story of Brenda’s success. Then I share the psychology of strengths from the past and modern strengths revolution.

2) What is a strength?:  With clear examples and stories learn the difference between talent, strengths, and weaknesses.

3) Creating Momentum: You know your strengths, so what. Now what. I show you how to free your strengths and manage your weaknesses. I give you 9 focused steps to grow and apply your strengths to personal and professional success.

4) Starting Your Journey: In this chapter I introduce my experience from the four types of dog sledding teams as a metaphor for the four domains of leadership. We start our study of all 34 StrengthsFinder talent themes within each leadership domain. Starting Your Journey studies the Lead Dog’s and the nine executing strengths of achiever, arranger, belief, consistency, deliberative, focus, responsibility, and restorative.

5) Getting Strategic: Studies the Point Dog’s and the eight strategic talent themes of analytical, context, futuristic, ideation, input, intellection, learner and strategic.

6) Influencing Success: Studies the Swing Dog’s and the eight influencing talent themes of activator, command, communication, competition, maximizer, self-assurance, significance, and woo.

7) Building Strong Relationships: Studies the Wheel Dog’s and the nine talent themes of adaptability, developer, connectedness, empathy, harmony, includer, individualization, positivity, and relator.

8) On the Road With Your Strengths: Reveals the basic content of my proprietary Strengths Coaching System how to harness your strengths to grow stronger – work smarter – live richer.

Discover Your Strengths book Amazon Testimonial by Elvira Beracochea MIDEGO“Brent’s strength is to make complex things easy to understand and to use.

The topic of strengths can be confusing because of so many definitions and things to do about one’s strengths.

I was confused until I read this little book that made me realize the importance of not taking my strengths for granted and actually doing something with them to get the maximum return. In fact, these strengths are part of what makes me unique and different from everyone else and will help me achieve my goals and meet my highest needs of self-actualization.

My strengths are something only I can do and must share: Yippee! The book is easy to read, in fact, I read it in a couple of sittings and could not drop it.

It puts all into an easy context and give easy to follow and practical advice. I loved it and put it to work right away. That is really something to say when I think of all the books I buy and never read or have read and never gone beyond a rational understanding of the content.

This book must be a required textbook in all schools around the world!” – Dr. Elvira Beracochea of MIDEGO

Howling 5 Star Amazon Discover Your Strengths Book Review “Brent’s book on strengths is one of the very best I have ever read. He makes the concept of building on your strengths easy to understand.

I love the descriptions of the Gallup strengths in plain language. I also love the summary of “harness your strengths”. No one should miss this book – buy it now. Looking forward to the next book.”
– Howling 5 Star Amazon Book Review 

 Are you ready to discover your strengths?

$9.99 (also available on Kindle)

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