Flip Your Fear

What’s your deepest fear?  Being alone? Humiliation? For me, it’s been the fear of getting a divorce.  That fear has been fueled by the fact that every couple on my mother and father’s side has been divorced, including my parents.



Then I learned to FLIP my FEAR. I use and continue to use three of my top five strengths to nurture a stronger marriage. I use focus, achiever, and competition to help me develop a stronger marriage.

Since getting married 26 years ago I wanted to be the first person in my family to break the divorce pattern. I want desperately to achieve a strong, sexy marriage. Sure, I’ve lost focus along the way but I come back to the notion that “love is work and it’s worth working for.”

How can you FLIP your FEAR?

If you fear being alone, why not use your harmony, relator, or empathy strengths to flip your fear into more fulfilling relationships rather than retreating to your cave?

If you fear humiliation, why not use your woo, self assurance, and activator strengths to catapult you through self-doubt and low confidence. Convince people that you can be cool and suck at the same time.

The key is to FLIP your FEAR using your strengths. Go ahead, flip your fear and achieve your greatest success!

Would you like to discover your top five talents and strengths?  Call me at 903-819-0301 or email me at [email protected] and let’s discuss how to help you put your strengths and talents to work in your life.

Coaching Points:

  1. What are my top three deepest fears?
  2. How can I flip my fear?
  3. What are my strengths and talents?

Brent O’Bannon creates momentum for outrageous success. He is known as America’s Momentum Coach for individuals, couples in business, and companies. For more information go to www.brentobannon.com and www.marriedtoyourboss.com.

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