Dear Fellow CEO/President,

My family owned floor covering business has been built on hard work, smart business idea’s and we have enjoyed success for many years. At this stage of life and business I wanted to delegate more, create a succession plan, enjoy my family and travel more.

I was recommended to see executive strengths coach, Brent O’Bannon with How refreshing to discover my top five signature strengths and focus on applying those strengths to achieve my business and life goals.

  • Strengths finder coaching helped me understand and better work with my brother, son, and team in my business.
  • I referred my son and brother to discover their strengths and now leadership, sales and productivity has increased.
  • Surprisingly the strengths focused coaching has helped me be more engaged in my personal life and relationships.

If you and your company want to grow stronger and work smarter then hire Brent at .

Mike Herron, CEO
(580) 924-0688

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