Coaching Success Stories

I was quickly amazed at the things we were all learning about, not only our fellow managers, but also about ourselves. The most common expression from the group was “Ahaaaa! Now I understand”. I have never been a part of an exercise that seemed to get people more excited and willing to commit than Brent’s StrengthsFinder Coaching program.

Marcus Wren, Music Mountain Water Company
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As a CEO I was looking for straight forward feedback. Telephone coaching with Brent provided an insightful sounding board. He added valuable wisdom in leveraging my strengths to leadership, marriage, and being a busy mom of twins. If you want more clarity how to play to your strengths in work and life then hire Brent O’Bannon as your coach.

Carolyn Jackson, Lake Pointe Medical Center
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StrengthsFinder Coaching helped me understand and better work with my brother, son, and team in my business.I referred my son and brother to discover their strengths and now leadership, sales and productivity has increased.Surprisingly the strengths focused coaching has helped me be more engaged in my personal life and relationships.

Mike Herron, Herron Carpet One
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In less than an hour, Brent helped me get clear on what I do best, define my niche and my ideal client, and develop a short-term plan for achieving my business goals. Literally two weeks later, I landed my biggest client ever and Brent was with me every step of the way. It was all I needed to become a full-fledged strengths enthusiast. Strengths had taken me from depressed to empowered, and then from broke to booming.

Rachael Kay Albers, RKA Ink
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Coaching helped me hire an assistant to complement my strengths, decorate my office for more positive energy, leverage my dormant Relator strength to start a company directory, plan company social events and create more communication and positive morale.

Rachael Harrington
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Going into the sessions I was hoping to just gain knowledge that would help me excel at work. What I found was that my strengths can help me get through difficult situations in my personal life as well. These sessions were very helpful! If you are looking for a way to improve work and personal life, coaching with Brent is a must.

Brenda Orgel


Thank you for last weeks telephone coaching call. I have been having breakthrough after breakthrough connecting more deeply with my love. Your coaching helped me take specific steps as a man to open up my heart, to see her and listen to her.

Darren Jacklin


Brent has a true gift. All the way in San Francisco, California me and my romantic partner had hit a wall. In one session I moved from knowing that I had nothing more to give the relationship into being open to continuing the journey. In one session!

Clara Chorley


Speaking Success Stories

Most seminars have me running for the snack table before the first intermission but when I’m in your leadership seminars, I don’t want to miss out on the action. You are extremely helpful and engaging. You educate and entertain with insightful stories of rolly pollies and can openers. I’m constantly referring professionals to your website for your leadership.

Andrew Goetz, Guaranty Bank


Brent was a key contributor to the success of our conference, and I highly recommend him as a speaker. His presentation skills, professionalism, and knowledge about a wide range of topics would make him an asset to any conference or speaking venue.

Nicole Roberts, Ph.D


As always you made the leadership workshop interesting, applicable, and fun! My take away is that, everyone’s unique strengths makes our team stronger. Thanks again for what you bring to our team of directors.

Jackie Cox, Lake Pointe Medical Center

Your presentation was very interesting and informative at our in-service. You reached everyone with your interactive activities and we got several excellent ideas for our staff. We were very pleased and had many positive comments from attendees.

Cynthia Lee, Plano Independent School District


Brent really connected with our staff and related to our needs. A great keynote!

Terry Reece, WIC Director


Love the insight about affirmations! I will make time to decide what my affirmations will be so that I can realize God’s most heartfelt dreams for my life. Hugs to You!

Irene Case


You made the seminar fun for all participants and kept everyone’s attention with your wit, charm, and great ideas. I whole-heartedly recommend all your training seminars…

Sue Roberts