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Successful Results You Can Expect

Business Leader: Expanded Ten Oaks Real Estate to 4 States

“Brent’s coaching has helped my relationship to work and family. His principles in strengths-based performance and leadership have also worked their way into our whole company.”

Workplace: Microsoft

“For a workplace that is highly achieving & skeptical about soft skills training, we have already seen applications to become more productive from Brent’s strengths training and coaching.”

Business Leader: Lori Achieved Rookie of the Year as Highest Sales Producer.

“Brent has helped me maximize my strengths and work smarter as my trusted adviser and coach.”

Workplace: Kaiser Permanente

“Brent is invigorating – a true breath of fresh air when you need it most, amidst the commotion of the corporate world.”

Business Leader: Andy filmed the ZIG documentary & Won the National Academy of Television Arts Emmy for Best Documentary.

“Brent’s personal strengths coaching helped me find my passion and become the best in my industry. I’m much happier and my business is more profitable.”

Workplace: Foster Group, Best Wealth Management Runner Up & Top Workplace.

Brent’s knowledge and application of the Strength-based process is comprehensive and he knows how to listen, find the heart of what it is you are hoping to accomplish. He offers practical coaching and exercises to move you in the right direction. He genuinely cares about those he works with and that comes through in every conversation.

Business Leader: Barb Transitioned Her Career as a Nurse & Launched Steps to Senior Care Coaching.

“Coaching with Brent was a game-changer for my business. I was able to get clarity about where to focus my coaching business, and how to reflect that on my website, I learned how to build a presence in my community, and why that was important, and I gained confidence in selling.”

Workplace: Music Mountain Spring Water

“I was quickly amazed at the things we were all learning about, not only our fellow managers but also about ourselves. The most common expression from the group was Ahaaaa! Now I understand”. I’ve never been a part of an exercise that seemed to get people more excited and willing to commit than Brent’s Strengths Champion Workplace training and coaching program.”


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  • Grow Stronger - Maximize Your Strengths

    Turn your talent to strength & learn how to drive the right strength, at the right speed, at the right time.

  • Work Smarter - Mobilize Your Strengths

    Launch your strengths with mission into your work and business, like a rocket going to the moon.

  • Live Richer - Monetize Your Strengths

    Leverage your strengths to scale up revenue, profitability & richer lifestyle.


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