• Let’s Talk Strengths
    The purpose of Let’s Talk Strengths is to demonstrate the application of 34 Cliftonstrengths® formerly known as StrengthsFinder 2.0® to help you grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer.

    Chalked full of stories, celebrities, and personal examples from over 27,000 hours of strengths based coaching. Purchase here.

  • Balance Matters Brent O'Bannon
    Balance Matters
    Brent explains the foundation of burnout in relationships, as a parent, caregiver, and what to do during times of emotional burnout. The book offers practical tips, recommendations and reader surveys that allow you to take your own burnout inventory. Read more and purchase here.
  • Selling Strengths
    Are You An Executive Coach, Life Coach, or Aspiring Professional Coach?

    If so, this Amazon #1 Best Selling book is for you.

    The aim of this little book is simple: To get you paying clients. Read more here.

  • Married to Your Boss Brent O'Bannon
    Married To Your Boss
    Married To Your Boss, explores how couples can make the most out of their marriage while making more money, by merging passion and profits to achieve their couplepreneurial dreams.

    It’s your “How To” guide on deepening your romantic bond–and your bottom line. Purchase on Amazon here.

Worksheets & Tools

  • Brent O'Bannon CliftonStrengths Strategy
    One Page Strengths Strategy
    Would you like a Powerful One Page Strengths Strategy Plan to Optimize Your Vision?

    If you’re like most people you want to lead a life of clarity, significance, and joy in 2020 and beyond. But life happens. Stress, busyness, worry, doubt and it’s easy to lose sight of our strengths and dreams.

    1. Discover your full 34 or top 5 strengths here if you haven’t already.

    2. Download your complimentary One Page Strengths Strategy worksheet here.

    3. Determine to schedule your complimentary Ask Brent Anything session here.

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