Strengths Coaching
Snapshot Story

My life as a coach started at seventeen when I felt a calling to inspire people. I began serving in my church and speaking to our small congregation where I honed my skills as a leader and speaker.

Later I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Behavioral Science. During this time I married my college sweetheart and now it’s been 34 adventurous years. We launched two adult children and have our 1st grandchild. In 1993, I started a private counseling practice which multiplied to 5 office locations, 13 counselors and more clients than I could handle.

However I was ready for a significant career breakthrough, so I started a business mastermind.

I was studying positive psychology and a business coach introduced me to StrengthsFinder. Just reading my customized report ignited a transformation in my personal development, my career, and my purpose. Over the next several years I then built a niche as a strengths based coaching business.

In October 2012, I got a phone call from Gallup CIO Phil Ruhlman followed by several brainstorming calls with Gallup talent development guru Dean Jones, and strengths evangelist and founder of Paul Allen.

These men had an awe-inspiring goal: to train 1 million individuals as Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches.

Phil Ruhlman personally invited me to join the first official Gallup Coaching Certification class, taught by my mentor, Curt Liesveld (in the middle of the picture), where I became the very first Gallup certified strengths coach.

I’am a full-time strengths coach and speaker.

I have facilitated more than 27,000 coaching sessions and given more than 750 presentations to organizations across the globe.

I thrive on coaching people just like you to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer with your strengths.

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If you’re looking to grow stronger, work smarter, & live richer, have the courage to hire a coach.

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