April 15th – June 17th, 2019



Is this masterclass right for you?

Let me answer this way. I’m looking to work with eager coaches, professionals just starting to get their business off the ground, perhaps made it through some coaching courses, yet still struggle to attract a steady flow of clients, sign them up, and put the money in the bank without killing yourself.

I’m talking about coaches with incomes of less than $100,000 per year.

This masterclass is for those of you willing and ready to double or even triple your coaching income.

If you’re currently eking out $50,000 a year, then get ready to earn $100,000 and beyond. If you’re already earning close to $100,000, why not $300,000?

Before I go into all the details, let me emphasize one obvious reason to participate in my all new masterclass: Money.

This masterclass isn’t only about being a better coach. It’s about building a better business, one with a clear brand, niche, packages, pricing, marketing, I could go on. All leading to more income.

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Hi, I’m Brent O’Bannon the world’s first Gallup certified strengths coach and professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation.

I work with coaches to help them launch, leverage, and lead a million dollar coaching business.

With over twenty years of coaching and speaking experience, here’s what I’ve learned.

Success in any endeavor requires a master plan.

So here’s my plan in a nutshell: Sign up for my new 9 week Strengths Coach Masterclass and I’ll show you how to launch your coaching practice and leverage your strengths to build a money-making coaching business, perhaps even a million dollar business.

Did I mention I’m an Amazon #1 Best Selling author?

Check out my hero Jack Canfield and I endorsing each others books at his event.

I’ve written a book specifically for coaches. In it, I describe dozens of ways to use your individual strengths to sell your coaching services. If, for example, your number one strength is Learner—a coach energized by the journey from ignorance to competence—then why not use that enthusiasm to connect with and sell new coaching clients?  It sounds simple because it is.

My new Coach Business Builder Masterclass covers far more material than how to sell your services.

I talk about brand, packages, pricing, proposals, marketing, sales, website, book writing, and so much more.

When: April 15th – June 17th, 2019.

Where: Virtual – Zoom.


Join me and 29 other coaches just like you ready to double or triple your income in the coming year.

Attend. Learn. Implement.

If you love it, and want more coaching, you’ll know where to come.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up.

Seats to this training are limited to 29 coaches. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can’t.

* All coaching/training events/mastermind/speaking programs paid or planned upfront are final. You may re-schedule and use the program within one year of purchase.

Get ready for 9 epic weeks of coaching and training.

I know you. I know that you’ve achieved great things in life: personal growth, professional success, and more. You can launch – leverage – lead a million dollar coaching business.

Curious how to launch, leverage, and lead a 6 and 7 figure coaching business?

P.S. –  I know what it’s like to go it alone.

When I started my coaching business years ago, I couldn’t find a mentor to lead the way. For you things are different. Look no farther. I’m right in front of you and I’m offering to lend a hand.

For most people, starting a coaching business, any business, really, is a slow sometimes painful process. After a while, you land a client or two. Then time goes by and no new clients. You feel stuck. Eventually you grow discouraged.

But you don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to help.

Coaches need coaches.

I have my own coach, and I’m eager to be yours. In fact, my coach inspired me to set a 100-day goal. That goal was my Coach Business Builder Masterclass. Join me for this exciting 9-week Coach Business Builder Masterclass and speed up the time it takes to grow your coaching business.

You got this!


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