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Strengthspreneur® Mini-Course

This Mini-Course is designed to introduce you to the Strengthspreneur® System and give you access to a few tools and resources to maximize your strengths in your business. I hope you enjoy this course and encourage you to schedule a free @sk Brent Anything call afterward to get your Strengthspreneur® journey started!

What is a Strengthspreneur®?

A Strengthspreneur® is a service-based professional or entrepreneur who intentionally uses their strengths to grow stronger, work smarter and live richer within their lifestyle-based business.

What Is This Course About?

Learn the fundamentals of how to intentionally develop and apply your strengths to make money and live richer. I can help you build a business that focuses on rewarding people for what they do well instead of focusing on what they do wrong. That is what it means to be a Strengthspreneur®.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Welcome Chapter 2: Authenticate Strengths Chapter 3: Align Vision Chapter 4: Activate Results Chapter 5: Accelerate Growth Chapter 6: Thank You & How to Continue Your Journey
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