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You want to tap into the power of the global CliftonStrengths® movement because you know it’s linked to stellar engagement, world class performance, peak productivity, diversity inclusion, and a stronger organizational culture.

Now, you feel the challenge of finding just the right CliftonStrengthsFinder® speaker for your event or organization.

The success of an event comes down to the right fit between the audience and the speaker’s personality, style, message, and strengths.

If these elements come together, we will likely hit it out of the park.

Like you, I want to make sure we have the right fit.

Recent Speaking Engagements

You’re Tired Of Fixing Weaknesses
You’re ready for Workplace Excellence

Once you and your team have taken the StrengthsFinder now re-branded as CliftonStrengths® assessment, the biggest challenge for most is how to apply those strengths in a way that generates tangible results, be they personal or professional.

Hire A Strengths Champion For
Workplace Training

I’m a global champion in the strengths movement and one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the world when it comes to using individual strengths to achieve personal and organizational results. I’ll make sure the event is engaging, invigorating, and transformational.

Keynote – Workshops
Virtual Workplace Training

I offer transformational workplace training, yearly, quarterly, full day, or 1/2 day, as well as keynote, online learning courses, and virtual presentations ranging from $15,000 to $1,500.

While I tailor every event to meet the needs of your unique audience, in the last several years I’ve narrowed my most requested topics to these themes:

Let’s Talk Strengths

The purpose of this keynote and Amazon book is to demonstrate the application of the 34 Cliftonstrengths® formerly known as StrengthsFinder 2.0® to help you grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer.

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Brent O’Bannon reveals his strengths coaching system, chalked full of success stories, celebrity case studies, and personal examples from over 27,000 hours of strengths based coaching.

Discover and apply profound insights on how to identify your unique patterns, turn talents into strengths, and finally how to capitalize on those patterns.


Leading Strengths

This workshop is for executives, managers, and team leaders who want to learn practical examples on how to discover, develop, and deploy the 34 talents into personal & career success.

Leaders will learn better ways to select, measure, develop, and channel the strengths of their human capital.

Some of the topics we will explore are the four leadership domains, how to create high performance interdependent teams, complimentary partnerships, team building meetings and activities, as well as an introduction to the Q12.


Coaching Strengths

This popular advanced workshop will help you learn and develop the art and science of strengths based coaching.

Your organizational excellence depends on engaging each employee, unlocking their potential and maximizing their performance through a strengths coach approach.

Brent is an ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) that loves championing a strengths-based coaching culture for managers, executives, & organizations.

sellingstrengthscover-smSelling Strengths

This advanced workshop is based on my Amazon #1 Best Seller. 

If you want to skyrocket your sales and customer service teams this workshop will apply strengths to the sales process such as prospecting, rapport building, identifying solutions, team sales, and serving/retaining loyal customers.


Become a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®

My Strengths Champion™ Train the Trainer Program – Is a mentor-coaching-training for the worlds’s greatest leaders and managers who want to become a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®. It’s designed for companies who want to create an engaged strengths based organization from the inside out. 

Click here to be a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®.  

“Brent is invigorating – a true breath of fresh air when you need it most, amidst the commotion of the corporate world.”

Francesca KuruppuDirector of Operations Kaiser Permanente

“At Microsoft, which is highly achieving yet often skeptical about soft skill trainings, we have already seen proactive applications of our own strengths and leverage of each other’s strengths to become a more productive team.”

Ying LinMicrosoft Senior Software Test Lead

“Brent is energizing and engaging. I recommend him to anyone wanting to have their teams assessed and brought up to speed using their natural gifts to benefit the organization.”

Jeff AbbottChair Leader for 3 CEO Groups

“Brent’s follow up was impeccable and we really appreciated the pre and post session debriefings. Brent’s message was relevant and hit home with our convention attendees. We are delighted to work with him again.”

Judi HollerVice President of Leadership Development, Meeting Professionals International

“Brent’s presentation is smart and inspiring, appealing to both skeptics and believers. I felt energized about applying my better sense of self and my team to my work. I highly recommend Brent and the message he brings. ”

Lauren Messmer Executive Vice President, Retiring by Design

“Brent’s presentation at Citi was a homerun! He’s passionate about helping others discover and leverage their strengths to get more out of a career.”

Cyne HindmanVP Operations Manager, Leadership Development Trainer, Citi

“Brent has an incredible command of the material related to strengths and applying them to maximize your team’s productivity. Brent’s delivery is articulate, compelling, and will make a difference for your team!”

Gary Greer President, Concept Petroleum Marketing

“Two thumbs up from me! Top-notch, talented presenter and team leader. Brent has a warm, authentic style, a solid system to work with StrengthsFinder, that mixes lecture with group activities.”

Steven WolgemuthCEO, YDOP Internet Marketing

“Spending the day with Brent was enlightening and set our team up for a successful year. His skillful application of the StrengthsFinder assessment helped our team unlock it’s full potential by playing to individual and collective strengths.”

Joe ClevelandAccount Director at One North Interactive

“Brent provided a high quality customized keynote for 600 people on our staff development day. It was engaging and helped them build a better understanding of their strengths. Even after the event was over, our employees were talking about how much they enjoyed his entertaining style and many referenced his illustrations and personal stories.”

Gabriel RodriguezDirector of Organizational and Talent Development at San Jacinto College

“Brent is a great speaker and knows his stuff. His insights on team building using the StrengthsFinder tool is invaluable. I highly recommend him.”

Ken StilesIntersecting Faith and Business

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What You Can Expect

1. Quick responsiveness and follow through to your phone calls, emails and requests.

2. Personal phone consultations with up to three members of your event committee exploring your audience expectations, and event goals.

3. Promotion for your event through my social media channels, if of course this is a public event and you don’t mind additional visibility.

4. Customized resource page on my web site for your attendees. The slides to the presentation along with additional resources.

5. Planned follow up phone call evaluating the event with someone from your team to make sure we both exceeded our expectations.


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