What is your subconscious saying?

Oceanographers say 88% of an iceberg is below the surface while only 12% is visible. Sigmund Freud theorized that our behavior is mostly unconscious.   Life success is 88% about changing our subconscious programming and only 12% about achieving conscious goals.

Writing, focusing, and achieving your conscious goals is only the tip of the iceberg. Your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and mind set will either sabotage your success or be the instinctive power to life success.    That is why I’ve been coaching my clients to create a “SUCCESS SCRIPT.” This script focuses on your top 5 strengths and becomes a daily mantra that strengthens your subconscious and is a guide to achieve your conscious goals.

By reading your script several times a day, your mind and body work together to produce the results you want. If it all sounds too simple, that’s because it is.

To create your personal success script, you and I talk on the phone and I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to record your success script, just the way you want it, and turn the recording into a written document.

Each morning when you first wake up, you listen to or read your success script. You let your own words sink into your subconscious and take hold. In the afternoon and evening, you do the same and before you know it your script is a conscious part of your life.

Remember, these are your goals and dreams in your words and in your voice. There is no more powerful way to chisel these goals deep inside of you than spending the few moments reading or listening to the recording each day. Long before you figure out the logic of it, you notice your spouse’s airy sense of humor return, your standoffish children ask for your advice, and your friends seek you out to join them at a new restaurant in town.

Let me share an abbreviated version of my son’s script that helped him survive incarceration and catapult him into college.   My mind is now clear, my concentration is focused, my vocabulary is expanded and I feel smart and confident. I have a renewed sense of humor that makes people laugh and people are amazed at the dramatic transformation in my life. When conflicts or hard times come I am free from all unhealthy temptations. I calmly communicate and easily cope with a positive mindset.

I am enrolled and soon will finish the Tyler Junior College tennis teaching program. I work for a period of time as an assistant pro in a beautiful environment like California. I will soon own a tennis club making $300,000 to $500,000 dollars a year. I am a successful business man. I am stylishly dressed, wearing the best watch, and driving a pearl white BMW. My self esteem soars.