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Monetize Your Includer Strength

People who are Includers® love to stretch the circle wider and are adept at being inclusive. Includers dislike thinking of people being left out and often cannot concentrate until everyone is included. Not surprisingly, Includers are incredibly accepting, non-judgmental people. Individuals with the Includer strength are able to see past a person’s flaws and accept […]

Monetize Your Harmony Strength

People with the Harmony® strength are natural peacemakers, they are adept at helping team members to understand and respect each other to get along better. Harmonious individuals are practical, especially in terms of strategic planning and executing difficult tasks. They look for ways to promote agreement and consensus. They dislike the unproductive nature of fighting […]

Monetize Your Empathy Strength

People with Empathy® have “emotion thermometers.” They have an innate ability to tune into the emotional world, and their emotional thermometers can sense both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Individuals with Empathy see the world through other people’s eyes. Their emotional intuition enables them to understand others. People with Empathy give a voice to the emotional […]

Monetize Your Connectedness Strength

Individuals with the strength of Connectedness® believe things happen for a reason. They prize their sense of faith, mystery, and purpose. They value diversity, and they are web-builders because they uncover sacred connections between all things and people. Seventy-one year old, Deepak Chopra, has built his entire brand and business around his #2 talent theme […]

Monetize Your Developer Strength

Developers seek potential in everyone, no matter what the situation. They believe that people are born with limitless possibilities. Learn how Dr. Maria Montessori created an educational model that not only serves children yet also gives individual school owners the opportunity to monetize their strengths. When a Developer® helps others, they feel genuinely fulfilled. I […]

Monetize Your Adaptability Strength

Adapters live in the moment. They can pivot and be responsive. Very spontaneous, they prefer to focus on here and now rather than thinking long-term. Adapters see life as one choice at a time. People with the strength of Adaptability® tend to be very flexible so that when sudden detours happen in their work or […]

Monetize Your WOO Strength

People with the strength of WOO® (Winning Others Over) have a great capacity to inspire and motivate others. WOO is not just a cheerleader; rather, WOO is adept and skillful in social charm. In business WOO might be one of the easiest strengths to monetize. Have you ever marveled at the way someone can work […]

Monetize Your Significance Strength

Each of us has a need for significance, a desire to be seen as valuable; however, people with the signature CliftonStrengths® talent theme of Significance® have an intense desire to make a global impact. Their big dreams want to leave a legacy to millions. It was a significant moment when I heard Tom Rath deliver […]

Monetize Your Self-Assurance Strength

Self-Assurance® is a lot like self-confidence. Individuals with the CliftonStrength® talent theme of Self-Assurance possess a “Can do” mindset. Whereas most people spend their lives wondering if they are “good enough,” the person with the Self-Assurance strength believes in his abilities and is confident in his decisions. As a result of this inner certainty, Self-Assured […]

Monetize Your Maximizer Strength

Are there people in your life that are consistently improving upon excellence, whether its career, leadership, or world-class entrepreneurship? Who do you know that is always enhancing, upgrading, and perfecting anything in their path? If someone has ever encouraged you to go beyond what you think is your capacity, been pushed to become beyond noteworthy, […]