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Plan Your 2016 Dream Trip

In today’s video, I want to take the dream vacation and show you a four step process to help you make your own dream trip this coming 2016. Have you ever taken a dream vacation? In 2014, my wife and I took one of those dream vacations, and it all started because we were watching […]

StrengthsFinder in Love and Relationships

He was so strong, straight forward, and controlling. She was so sensitive, passive, and wounded. They came to my coaching office as a last ditch effort to save their marriage while they were separated. In the past I would have tried to fix their weaknesses. Now I immediately spotted their strengths. What if they could […]

The 5 Stages of Strong Teams

<BRGail Utter, Wells Fargo Advisors5 Stages of Strong Teams(Based on Bruce Tuckman’s Model)1. Forming- Trust is crucial in the beginning stage of teamwork. Facilitating your team to know each other, especially each others authentic strengths is paramount. Invite your team to share “Peak Experiences” when they felt happy, in the flow, and living at their […]

The 3 Stages of Strengths Transformation

When I facilitate strengths coaching and workshops I share this quote and the three stages of strengths transformation. 1. Strengths Appreciation Can you imagine this discouraged fish struggling with strengths blindness and strengths envy. Like many of us we can’t see our own strengths genius and we value others talents more than our own. We […]

Cruising With Strengths

Originally published on Gallup’s Strengths Coaches’ Playbook.   Rachael served as the operations manager for a family-owned bottled water company with over 80 employees. In her day job, she was responsible for a wide range of areas from personnel to procurement, as well as serving on the senior management team. At home, she was a […]

Transforming Talent

How do you take a 20 ton, 12 foot block of ice and transform it into an elaborate award winning work of art? Just ask, Singapore Captain Ng See Yian who was gracious to allow me to interview him and learn how his five person team creates their magical snow sculptor called Love, Balance and […]

What Are Your Unrealized Strengths?

  What does the Realise2* measure? The Realise2 strengths assessment measures 60 different strengths in comparison to 34 strengths by StrengthsFinder 2.0, and 24 character strengths by the VIA. The United Kingdom based Realise2 assessment helps you to marshal your realized strengths, moderate your learned behaviors, minimize your weaknesses and to maximize your unrealized strengths. […]

How Do You Stand Out?

What is StandOut? TMBC created an assessment that pin points your lead and secondary strength roles and combined role that is your comparative advantage to StandOut at work. This strengths based assessment is different from the VIA or StrengthsFinder 2.0 in that it measures what we do at work versus who we are at work. […]

What Character Strengths Do You See Around You?

What is the VIA Institute? The The VIA® Institute on Character was established as a non-profit organization in 2001. Their mission is to advance both the science and the practice of character. They aim to fill the world with greater virtue by offering the VIA Survey, free of charge, across the globe. The VIA Survey […]

The Best Leaders Break All the Rules: Leaders, Teams, and Strengths Based Coaching

Nearly a decade after the Strengths Finder assessment took the management world by storm in the Gallup hit, Now, Discover Your Strengths, strengths based development is no longer confined to the business world.  YES, the youth sports education provider most famously linked to the Major League Soccer Clinic Program, swears by its strengths based coaching […]