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Strengths-Based Leadership 2-Day Workshop

The Ultimate Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop

Step into a New Era of Leadership!

In a fast-paced corporate world, true leadership requires more than just a title. It demands a deep understanding of oneself, one’s team, and the intricate dynamics of the workplace. Introducing the Strengths-Based Leadership 2-Day Workshop — a course tailored for the modern leader, enhanced with a focus on strengths-based principles. Get this – I’m throwing a LIMITED TIME offer on the table! Instead of the usual $3,750, join us for just $800. Wait…what? Yep, you read that right!

**Early Bird Extravaganza!**

For the first 10 spirited go-getters who sign up: Grab a coveted chance for an intimate 1:1 coaching session with the legend himself – Brent O’Bannon! Distinguished as the world’s 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, CEO of Strengths Champion Solutions, and an MCC – Master Certified Coach. If you’ve ever wished for a game-changer, this is it!

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Workshop Highlights

Duration: Dive deep for two transformative days November 10th – 11th, 2023 10 AM – 3 PM CST on Zoom. Interactive Learning: A mix of coaching, teaching, interactive sessions, hot seats, and most of all, ACTION. Networking: Join a tribe of brave strengths-based leaders fostering collaboration & growth. Together, we’re unstoppable Workbook: Gather great resources for your Strengths-Based leadership toolbox. 📅 When? November 10th – 11th, 2023 10 AM – 3 PM CST.

Three Cardinal Rules for Entry:

  1. Wear the hat of a results-driven leader.
  2. Stay present, stay focused. No sidelines here!
  3. Soak it all in; it’s live, electrifying, and unforgettable.
No replays, just pure memories.

Course Breakdown – Comprehensive Content:

Core Leadership Foundations:

Authentic Leadership Mastery: Harness your unique leadership talents for peak influence. Leadership Well-Being: Elevate holistic well-being, not just for you but for your entire team.

Strengths Synergy & Collaboration:

Teamwork Dynamics: Craft a space where each individual’s strengths illuminate the collective goal. Management Reimagined: Reinvigorate managerial roles with a laser focus on strengths.

The Strengths Coaching Toolbox:

Coaching Essentials: Seamlessly integrate coaching strategies to elevate every team member. Conflict Resolution with Strengths: Navigate challenges using a strengths-driven communication matrix. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Perfect the art of EQ for enhanced empathy, understanding, and decision-making.

Strengths Lifecycle & Engagement:

Strengths Through the Employee Journey: Celebrate strengths from the first interview to the retirement party. Employee Engagement Turbocharged: Fuel unyielding motivation with strengths as the core catalyst.

Advanced Strengths Strategies:

Facilitation Mastery: Immerse in experiential strategies and CliftonStrengths® paradigms for team upliftment. Diversity & Inclusion through Strengths: Ensure a diverse, equitable workplace while prioritizing psychological safety. Generational Harmony: Seamlessly bridge generational divides with savvy, strengths-centric leadership. Dive into an experience curated to magnify your leadership caliber where each module isn’t just a lesson, but a stepping stone towards leadership excellence!

Ready to Elevate Your Leadership Game?

Discover the transformative power of strengths in leadership and usher in a new era of innovative, empathetic, and effective leadership. Got an Eye on my Leadership Mastermind? Stick around; the grand reveal is coming!  

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