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Monetize Your Significance Strength

Each of us has a need for significance, a desire to be seen as valuable; however, people with the signature CliftonStrengths® talent theme of Significance® have an intense desire to make a global impact. Their big dreams want to leave a legacy to millions. It was a significant moment when I heard Tom Rath deliver […]

Monetize Your Self-Assurance Strength

Self-Assurance® is a lot like self-confidence. Individuals with the CliftonStrength® talent theme of Self-Assurance possess a “Can do” mindset. Whereas most people spend their lives wondering if they are “good enough,” the person with the Self-Assurance strength believes in his abilities and is confident in his decisions. As a result of this inner certainty, Self-Assured […]

Monetize Your Maximizer Strength

Are there people in your life that are consistently improving upon excellence, whether its career, leadership, or world-class entrepreneurship? Who do you know that is always enhancing, upgrading, and perfecting anything in their path? If someone has ever encouraged you to go beyond what you think is your capacity, been pushed to become beyond noteworthy, […]

Monetize Your Competition Strength

People with the Competition® strength love a good yardstick. Competition provides a measuring stick for monitoring one’s growth, and they thrive when they compete. They are forever on the lookout for someone to compete with—other people and hero’s who can help them be their best. Chip Conley is a good example. At the ripe old […]

Monetize Your Communication Strength

Do you know someone who enjoys sharing an entertaining story? Or someone who wordsmiths their conversation so people are inspired? People with the talent theme of Communication® express themselves with many forms – verbally, artistically, musically, or through writing. People with the Communication strength like to explain ideas. When Communicators encounter a new idea, they […]

Monetize Your Command Strength

Have you ever observed someone step up her game when the pressure is on? Who surfaces as a leader in chaos? If you do, then you may know someone who has the strength of Command®. A person with the Command strength can take charge, especially in times of crisis or conflict. They thrive with clarity […]

Monetize Your Activator Strength

People with the Activator® strength are what I call “Just do it” individuals. Activator is all about action and momentum. Their mantra is actions speak louder than words. They want to know, “When are we going to get going?” Maybe you’re an Activator, and you’re asking yourself how can I monetize my strength? Jereme Arsenault, […]

Monetize Your Strategic Strength

Decision-making is hard for many people. I have a friend who says the worst thing you can say to them is, “where do you want to go eat?’ But then there are those people who love to be part of the decision-making process—no matter what is being decided? Strategic® is a CliftonStrengths® talent theme that […]

Monetize Your Learner Strength

Have you met someone that seems to always be picking up a new skill, new hobby, or new career?  Do you wonder what makes these people so curious about learning so many things?  These people may have the strength of Learner®. People with the Learner strength are not interested in learning because it offers a […]