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Monetize Your Intellection Strength

Do you love deep thinking mental activity? You may have the CliftonStrength of Intellection®. Read on if you would like to monetize your Intellection® strength like New York Times best selling author Michael Hyatt does? Individuals with Intellection are people who love mental activity. They are constantly wearing their “thinking cap.” The theme of Intellection […]

Monetize Your Ideation Strength

The Gallup StrengthsFinder definition of Ideation® says, “People especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.” In their experience, ideas are the heartbeat of life. Finding new and creative ways to accomplish a goal is what drives people with the Ideation theme. Having the […]

Monetize Your Input Strength

Do you believe it’s possible to make money from knowing a little about a lot of different topics and sharing the useful information? Are you the person that could build a business around your love of trivia? Ever wonder how someone who collects so many books and magazines might make money from a side hustle? […]

Monetize Your Futuristic Strength

“Wouldn’t it be great if . . .” is this the question that you often ask as you view what the future might hold, and this picture keeps pulling you toward the future. People with the Futuristic ® strength love to look across the horizon. As dreamers, they are fascinated and energized by the future, […]

Monetize Your Analytical Strength

Do you work with anyone who enjoys asking questions when you present them with any situation?  They love asking “Why?” “How did you get that information?” “Can you verify that data?”   If you know this person, they may have the strength of Analytical®. People with the Analytical strength love to challenge ideas. They deal largely […]

Monetize Your Restorative Strength

Do you know someone who can just step into a situation and fix it?  Are you someone who can make money fixing problems?  Maybe someone you work with has the “knack” to figure out more efficient ways to accomplish tasks at work. People with the Restorative® strength love to solve problems. You love to fix […]

Monetize Your Responsibility Strength

Do you love to see things through to completion?  Do others see you as dependable and feel they can count on you?  Are you a person who make commitments that align with and reflect your values?  If these attributes define you, then you probably have the theme of Responsibility® Janelle is a real estate broker, […]

Monetize Your Focus Strength

Focus® is my #1 talent theme. One example of Focus, for me, is that I first cultivated this strength when I started playing tennis at an early age, and I’ve continued to cultivate it for the last thirty-four years. I remember one of the first phrases I was taught as a tennis player: “Keep your […]

Monetize Your Discipline Strength

Discipline® Why in the world would anyone over fifty start a business? Gallup surveyed entrepreneurs over age fifty who began businesses later in life and found that 32 percent started their own ventures because it allowed them to be independent; 27 percent wanted to pursue their interests and passions; and 24 percent wanted to increase […]

Monetize Your Deliberative Strength

Are you a fairly serious person?  Do you plan ahead to anticipate what might go wrong?  When it comes to making decisions do you believe making the correct decision is always better than making a quick decision?  Then you may have the CliftonStrengths® theme Deliberative®. People with the Deliberative strength are practical and do not […]