How to Champion Your People Through the Employee Experience

Organizations thrive when there is a clear sense of purpose, drive, and culture. To move that culture forward, you need great managers who have clarity in their roles, understand their team, and have a desire to learn how to champion your people through the employee experience.


It is our responsibility as leaders/organizations to get the best out of our people. Not just so that we are more profitable and more productive, but also to help improve the well-being of the associates and employees that work in our organization.


One of the most critical components of growing an organization in today’s world is attracting star employees. Once you start attracting potential employees, you must go through a hiring process. According to Gallup research, 82% of organizations miss-hire at the manager level.


Though CliftonStrengths is not a legal hiring tool, it is a development tool that is used to assess the employees who will be a part of your team. When you ask strengths-based hiring questions, you can see what level of raw vs. refined talents your people use. How they are master those talents in their role can be an important part of the employee experience.


What follows is a model of the employee experience/lifecycle. Gallup has organized this cycle in a format that helps us understand how we can structure and apply Strengths throughout the process.



Strengths can be applied throughout all seven phases of the employee experience. Champion your people like your business depends on it! Download your PDF copy HERE.


To learn more about the employee lifecycle watch the full video. The new Workplace Solutions Toolkit is also a great resource to develop how you champion your people inside the workplace.


With our workshop, each of these phases is covered in more depth. If you are interested in this or any of the workshops we offer, or if you would like executive coaching, contact me HERE.

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