Pivotal Relationships for Entrepreneurs

If you work for yourself, you are probably a high achiever who is independent, loves to work, and easily focuses on projects and goals. However, that’s not enough. Pivotal relationships for entrepreneurs are essential to their success.

Surround yourself with a variety of experts in which you can build the best fit for your business. With the right coach, partner, expert, or support person, you can significantly increase your ability to succeed.

Follow these 3 steps to analyze your pivotal relationships:

1. Write down the top 24 experts in your life – Who is my tech expert? My Mastermind expert? My legal expert? My spiritual expert?

2. Score the experts from 0-10 (0 = not a fit for you, 10 = best fit for you)

3. Score their genius ability from 0-10 (how much of an expert are they, or how much expert potential do they have?)

When you’re done, use your results to strengthen your team over time. You will soon be able to see not only how these pivotal relationships contribute to your life, but how you contribute to theirs as well.

To discuss or even form pivotal relationships in your life, you may want to explore being a member of one of our Masterminds. Explore our Strengths Champion Mastermind, Strengthspreneur Mastermind, or Leadership Mastermind on our shop page.

If you would like me to speak to your organization about diversity, strengths, or a whole host of topics, contact Brent.

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