Are you focused on pulling weeds or planting flowers?

Have you noticed how you dread pulling weeds? This is a chore that involves sweat, a sore back, and probable stings from fire ants. It’s like facing the negative emotions, events, and people in your life. Though we need to pull the weeds, there is an internal resistance.

Have you noticed how your motivation increases when planting flowers? You visualize the outcome of beautiful color and sensational smells. You feel the joy, peace, and relaxation of sitting with your family and friends. You have created an oasis and a paradise.

Coaching points:

  1. What weeds do you need to pull?
  2. Most of all, what attractive goals and dreams do you need to plant in your life?
  3. Focus more on what you want in your life than what you don’t want.
  4. Visualize your goals and dreams with color, smell, and emotion.
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