What Can a Coach Do For Me?

Journalist Robert Schwab said, “If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach.”

The role of a coach:

84.4% sounding board for feedback
78.1% energizer
56.7% confidant
50.5% mentor
46.7% business development
41% guidance/teacher/speaker

Typical issues:

80.5% time management
74.3% career guidance
73.8% business advice
58.6% relationship/family issues
51.9% wellness/life balance
45.2% personal development
39.5% achieving goals
38.1% wealth development
11% creativity

Value and benefit of coaching:

67.6% increased self awareness
62.4% smarter goal setting
60.5% more balanced life
57.1% lower stress levels
52.9% self-discovery
43.3% improved quality of life
39.5% better communication skills
35.7% project focus
33.8% health/fitness improvement
33.3% better relationships with boss and co-workers
33.3% better family relationships
31.9% energy increase
31.9% more fun
25.7% more income
25.5% stopped and created healthy habits
24.3% career enhancement
22.9% more free time

The survey was conducted by Amy Watson (PRO Fusion public relations) and Jackie Rieves Watson, Ph.D. (Amber University).

Coaching point:

Finish each sentence.

  1. The role’s I most want or need in a life coach are…
  2. The typical issues I most want or need life coaching for are…
  3. The value/benefits I want or need from life coaching is/are…
  4. My burning question about life coaching is…

Send your completed sentences my way!

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