Your Passport to Success

After a wonderful time in Mexico it’s time to board your jet and go back home.

However you become desperate when you can’t find your passport. You search your pockets, your brief case and your wife’s purse. You run up to the flight agent and she says “You must have your passport to get back home.”

Have you ever felt stuck, stranded, and wondered how in the world you will get back to your slice of paradise?

You need a passport. Your passport to success.

I was the person who recently lost my passport in Cancun.  That’s when I discovered how important having a passport really is.

Coaching can be your passport to take you to the next level of success or back to your slice of paradise.

Coaching will help you to:

  1. Clarify your identity and strengths.
  2. Create a success script for your life dreams.
  3. Construct happy/healthy relationships.
  4. Catapult your career and wealth potential.
  5. Create the balanced lifestyle you want.

I went back to the bathroom in Cancun and asked the custodian if he happened to find a passport. If your wondering how I lost my passport in the restroom, just think of the video, “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground.”

Finally, he muttered, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I turned that passport into security.” After security searched for 30 minutes with my jet about to take off, they found my passport and rushed it to the gate. My wife and I were able to board and get back to our slice of paradise.

Coaching Points:

  1. What keeps you from finding your passport to success?
  2. How could coaching benefit you, your company, or a loved one?
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